About foot

Yup, pingin cerita tentang kaki dan sepatu Alfred… terutama setelah berkali-kali mendapat pertanyaan tentang sepatu khusus yang dipakai Alfred…

Jadi, kenapa Alfred memakai sepatu khusus? Karena dia menderita kelainan yang namanya CTEV atau talipes atau clubfoot. Kelainan ini membuat kaki Alfred terputar ke dalam di bagian mata kaki. penyakit ini mungkin ga populer tapi kemungkinan terjadi 1:1000. Artikel tentang kelainan ini pernah dimuat di tempo (http://www.tempo.co/read/news/2013/11/12/248529483/Clubfoot-dari-Operasi-Besar-hingga-Ponseti/1/0)

Kapan kelainan kaki ini diketahui? Paling jelas kelihatan sih ya waktu lahir.. tapi sebenarnya udah kelihatan waktu hamil 5 bulan lho.. ketahuan nya juga pake usg 2D , bukan 4D. USG 4D waktu itu hanya konfirmasi aja.



kaki waktu lahir

kaki waktu lahir


Terus soal treatment nya.. Alfred udah digips kedua kakinya sejak umur 2 minggu. Setiap minggu gips diganti dan sudut kaki ditambah sampai mendekati normal,kira2 5x gips dengan gips terakhir sekitar 2 minggu sambil nunggu sepatu khusus. Treatment ini yang disebut ponsetti method. Kalau diperlukan, setelah digips, akan ada operasi untuk memperpanjang tendon. Alfred termasuk golongan yang perlu operasi. Dengan alasan berat badan, operasi baru terlaksana hari ini (3 June) dan setelah operasi pakai gips lagi selama minggu. Setelah gips dibuka, pake sepatu khusus untuk ngejaga bentuk kaki ini. Pemakaiannya 23/7 selama 3 bulan baru setelah itu 12 jam sehari sampe umur 4 tahun.

Perjalanan si kaki ini masih panjang. Semoga sih ga relapsed, karena kalau ga dijaga, bisa balik lagi seperti saat lahir dan itu lebih susah treatment nya. ☺


After surgery cast


Career and job

Your job is not your career, a title of a book. I agree with that. A career is about achievement and not limited to a job. A job refer to a title and any description related. Well, currently I’m still thinking what I want to be and how I will achieve that.
I was thinking about that two years ago as I was bored with my job. I was thinking to move on instead of moving up as it was very hard to move up. I need a project to move up and it was hard to get one. So, I was very demotivated and chose to continue my study instead of moving up. I tried to resign at that time, but I got suspend of employment. So, I studied and my status was employed.
After finishing my study, I got back to my jobs. No moving up, still the same as before. I didn’t expect much to the company as the position for my grade is in the field. But, as I would like to work and I didn’t get any interviews until those time, I chose to work as field engineer. I’d like to finish the fix step in the company within my time limit. If I took more than a year after rejoining, I will look for other job.

Why… What if…

Looking at my Facebook newsfeed, you will see many things about baby,family and job and sometimes holiday. Well, I won’t talk about it one by one, but I will focus on baby and family and career.
Well, why and what if are questions that I use to force myself thinking. Like, why I needed choose a job? Why do I have to follow a rule or why such a rules existed? And what if I don’t do this? What if I choose another way? There are si many possibilities that I could think of and I just used my imagination on that.
But, looking back at my fb newsfeed, I could say that most of my friends are thinking about babies nowadays. I’m not sure if they are thinking about career too. I don’t have baby as I’m still struggling to have one and I’m still struggling in my career. I’m still thinking whether I need to keep my job or just change my job to completely different field. I’m still thinking of getting promotion so that I could continue working after having baby if I could. Well, I got many things in my minds and I still need to ask God what’s best for me and how to accept if what I want is so different with what is the best for me.
Well, I’m not in the main stream as I think what I have in mind is different from others. And it’s still a fighting inside my mind..why..what if… There’s no conclusion yet. But I will do my best to keep the ball rolling..

I Couldn’t Follow The Mainstream

I am sobbing while writing this. No, I’m not watching any movies or reading something sad, but I feel alone. Not really because I am the only woman who stay in the company facility, but because I saw messages from my friends on WhatsApp. No, it’s not about something sad at all. In fact, it was good news. Everyone is fine. Their babies are also fine. But, I just feel ‘alone’ in the crowd. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy for my friends and their families, but it’s just I am sick of talking about baby too much. Woa, I would like to have baby as well, but it’s still not my time yet… so, may I take a step back and not seeing too much baby pics?

Once again, don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate babies. I like seeing baby and small kids..but not too close to them. And I don’t know whether it is because I have too much newborn around me and they are being posted in FB, I feel distracted. Not that I don’t like them, babies are cute, but somehow I feel people around me are overreacted. That’s what I can’t stand of. Just like when I was with my in law family. I was sick of their attention to one baby, but yeah I found it was fine after I could bring him in my arms. So, I don’t know, if it’s because I don’t like the overreacting people and also I could do nothing to the situation.

Back again talking about my friends, I don’t want to criticize them, but they’re talking about meeting together. Well, I hope it’s possible. On the last time we gathered, it ended up of the babies were in the bedroom with the moms. The rests were talking and eating. Two babies were just 1 week, so they still had a looong sleep. The other two babies were not comfortable by the heat. Jakarta is hot, but they may be kept under Air Con all the time. So, they cried when they felt hot. (okay, it’s my homework when I have babies, how to make them strong as I couldn’t stand Air Con 😛 ) And there was no play times, and everyone was late so, it’s just too late for me as my house was the furthest.

Well, at least I got a chrome application now to change babies pics to something else. Sorry, but I still need to be mean as I’m still not comfortable with their pics. On the last posting, I said that Soc Med killed me, well it’s actually too much babies pics in my news feed page.. I need help. I couldn’t say that, as people will think I’m mean and weird. In my country, people are so mean with their judgment. If they see anyone who doesn’t like babies, they will think that the person is not normal. And as I am one in the million, I can’t do nothing about the judgment. 

Again, it’s only my feeling right now. I am not very keen of babies or small children. I like them, but please don’t give me too much right now. I haven’t got any babies and I just like to watch them. I feel strange when I gather with many women as I won’t have any chance to touch the babies. But when I am with men (the type with whom I am working), I feel confident to approach any babies. This feeling may won’t last long but I’d like to write it.


Why I still keep my job

Been thinking while I’m away from town…doing not a hard job, but it’s hard because I don’t want to be too relax on this. Been 2 weeks here and starting to ask myself…why am I not leaving my job? Well, I tried…but still can’t decide to leave…then as one of my ex-supervisor told me that I was too long to get my grade promotion,
so here I am back to reality to get myself out of the ‘blue’ world.
Well, yeah, I admit that I take too long to get promotion. I’ve been looking at my friend who started at the same time in the company, then they already have more responsibility and move on. Within the same segments, it was only me and my friend from Vietnam who got the same problem. We are stuck on the same grade and it’s hard for us to move on. He’s got new job in another company and he already moved on. So, I guess it’s my time to move on. If I can’t get my grade promotion by July, I think that’s it. I need to stop working here. It won’t be easy as I spent almost 5 years in the company. I like the safety things this company has taught me. But, I’m stuck. I need to move on.
Two weeks ago, I almost got an offer. But I was afraid to let go my job, so I would like to write my reasons to still stay though it’s hard sometimes.
1. The comfort of the facility
I have health insurance, pension plan and housing and transport allowance. It sounds very good. And I’m afraid that I can’t get them again in another company. But, I know that I have to learn to let go,unless I would stay forever.
2. The grade promotion to general engineer
It’s not really about the money for me though I will get more money for sure. But, it might be because of the titles. To become general engineer is the point of the fix training system which is developed by the company. As I would like to finish what I have started, so this is my aim nowadays. If I can’t get it by July or even get closer to this, I think I should give up.
3. The working environment,  colleagues
Ehm, the working is sometimes stressful. But for me, as long as I could get good food, Internet and good team, it’s fine. I am used to work with team, and as we stay together for days, I could know them and however, I will miss them when I leave. So, I would like to keep hanging on to them. But, I think I could meet them anyway.
4. I haven’t got any new job
Well, this is one of the most hard thing, to find a new job. But,
I need to move on. So I think it is ok to resign and look for the new one as I need a change in my life.
5. No permanent job at the moment
Well, my husband job is not a permanent one so I think I need to have a job. But, in the worst case, I would check if we still have money for a year, then I would move on.
Well, that ‘s some reason I have. Hope I could have some courage to get out my job

Onshore vs Offshore

Inspired by my colleagues status that he hates offshore but I like offshore better than onshore. He has different opinions and reasons, but I will write my opinions…
First, I need to define onshore and offshore. As oil and gas could be found in land and in the seabed, oil and gas operations could be done everywhere. Onshore means land operation while offshore means operation on the water environment.
Here, I will compare offshore and onshore operation mostly for upstream industry. It will relate to rig and no plant. For offshore, the facility could be jack up rig, semi submersible, drillship, barge or platform. Meanwhile onshore for me means with rig or without rig.
Well, the environment for onshore and offshore is very different. And many people may say onshore is better as the access for onshore is easier, but not for me. Ok, let’s go in details.
First and most important thing for me is food. Food in offshore rig is better for me. Though I have experience food poisoning, but I still prefer offshore food. In some places I found very good chef for the galley. Instead of that, the availability of food is very good. Mostly they open almost 24 hours except when they do cleaning. In two facilities, I found out that I can take dessert anytime. That’s my favourite part of meal, dessert and the dessert is not only fruit. A very good treat for me. Beside the food, the availability of the beverage is also nice. They provide juice and sometimes many type of tea (submersible in Aussie) and coffee. That’s almost all about food. Oops I forget that there is a chance to buy food from outside in onshore operation, but I don’t really expect that actually.
Second thing, accommodation. In offshore facilities,  I almost never shared my room with men. I shared my room with women and only once with men. So, I have my privacy. Although I still share the toilet and shower room, but I just share with the room next to mine. So, it is more convenient than having dedicated shower room but far from the bedrooms. Well, I did experience good onshore facilities, but it’s only 2 companies who did that. And I really  appreciate them. They provide room for women only though it is faraway from wellsite.
Next thing on my list is the crew. Onshore crew is more money oriented than offshore crew. I don’t know whether it is because of their wages, but I heard constant complaint on the amount of the expense due to money we have to pay to lift the equipments on onshore job. Offshore crew tends to be more nice and helpful. Well, it’s not certain but it is the tendency.
The other thing is cleanliness. Somehow, offshore is cleaner. The roomboys do the cleaning everyday in offshore. Meanwhile in onshore, I’m not really sure when they clean the room actually. And also, the laundry. Offshore laundry tends to be faster although there is no guarantee if the clean shirts will not be shrinking or broken. But, it’s just faster.
I already write about the good side. And yeah, I must admit that it is better for women to stay offshore than onshore as they could get better privacy. But, it comes back to the person preferences, as it may be different to other women.
The bad side of offshore is the access. On the last job, it was very hard to go back to town as the copper was not flying everyday. So, it will limit the access to come and leave the rig and it’s harder to go on emergency situations. And also, on the offshore faraway from the land, the mobile phone couldn’t be used. Only available wireless network is relied to contact our family if we’re not using public phone or dedicated Internet to unit.
Ehm, I forgot to mention another things. About the bugs and insects, as the land jobs are next to jungle or ricefields, during the nights, insects will be interested to the light and the groups will gather around the lamp. It’s just scary sometimes to see that especially when staying outside the cabin all night.
Well, there’s my few experiences and I still choose offshore rather than onshore. It’s my five cent though I just work in few places, Indonesia, Qatar, Australia and Thailand. Hope it could help some people.

My weird side

Would like to write this as I don’t understand people around me. Currently I am in sungai meriam, a place in samarinda, borneo. I am here to work. And they say it’s an easy job, but not really for me. And I would like to tell you why…
On the basic, it should be an easy job as I just need to wait for an order to program the tools and send them to the barge. The other operator, slickline, will run the tools to downhole and pull them again. The tools record pressure and temperature and after I get the tools again, I need to download the data. Well,it is easy if I compare to the job with many tools which I usually  run. But,it’s not really easy for me…
During the duty, I’m staying in company mess and remote base. It is a house,but there is a part for workshop. It still sounds nice right? Well, I’m staying with another 8-10 men from another segments. We’re still under the same company,but different segment and different roles. It is only me who take care for my tools as they have their own tools. As the job doesn’t need me to move, it’s ok actually to be only me,but on the other side, I couldn’t really connect with them. Well,  I still try to fit in. Then, as it is continuous job, sometimes I have to send tools, sometimes I don’t have anything to do,just stand by. Well, people say that standby is really good. But,not for me… I find it’s a bit stressed for me not to do anything. I’m afraid if I get too relaxed, something bad will happen and I don’t want to have anything bad happened. So, standby is not easy for me. The other thing is about the timeframe. When I go for package job, I know when the job will finish. As the client programme finish, we could rig down, pack and go home. But here, I have to ask and sometimes I don’t want to ask as I don’t have good reason unless I want to go home. And one more thing, being busy is nice, I could get distracted, not really think and miss home so much….
Ehm,that’s why is just a heavy job for me… I don’t want to be accused of not giving thanks for my job,but just.. I like something more challenging and more using brain…
Well, another thing is about the condition here. Yes, it’s considered as wellsite, but the offshore facility for me is better. The cleanliness, the laundry and the condition. The first time I stayed here a few years ago, the service was better though the toilet and shower condition was bad. It was only a hole for pee. At that time, the toilet was changed to seating toilet and there was shower for every shower room. It was good as every room has its own shower room and toilet. The laundry was fast. But now, the house got older. The room is only being cleaned once a day or two day. The laundry time is getting longer and there is cracked in shower room floor and the room floor. I saw ‘kecoa, lipan, small flying insects and rats around. Not really good experience to see one of these animals. Yeah, it ain’t home so I couldn’t really feel comfort but  still I’m wishing for clean environment to stay.
Well, for some people, they may like the easy job, like what they said to me, ‘enak kan…’  or ‘it’s very good, right?’ and my answer will be no, it’s just not for me. I like more complex job that makes me thinking….


Obedience is  is a form of “social influence in which a person yields to explicit instructions or orders from an authority figure”. 

Obedience is an act that is hard to be done. Some people may find obedience as a strange behavior nowadays, but it is necessary to be obedience in some cases.

Well, before I talk further, I want to write about this as I read about this in Mere Christianity, a book by C.S Lewis. This word also remind me of the old time when the Christian society gave discussion on this thing.

The discussion in the past was about obedience to God. As Christian, I obey God’s word. I follow His instruction and as I want to involve Him in my life, I follow His word. But, it’s not easy. As I go along the way, I find obstacles that makes me want to get away and follow what I want. Not everything I want is opposite of what God’s want, but it’s hard to go with what I don’t want to do although I believe that God will help me go through it. 

The other relationship that needs obedience is the relationship between children and parents. As a small child, I find it easy to obey my parents. I know that they have more knowledge than me, so I just put my trust in them and do according what they teach me. But when I found out that the world had different value, it was hard for me to just follow them. I was starting to ask the reason why I should follow them. It’s getting harder when I started living on my own. However, I keep trying to obey them although maybe I was fail few times.

As a wife, I have to obey my husband. This concept may sound ridiculous and not applicable in modern life, but this is one of the form of relationship in family. There are so many ‘what if’ question which come out with the obedience to husband, like ‘what if my husband did mistake?’, ‘what if my husband is not smart enough?’ and ‘what if my husband will is impossible to do?’. Well, if I’m going back to the basic of family in God, God is the head of the family and a husband is the leader after God. That is the family concept. Woman could say what she wants, but the husband is the one who makes the decision. He has the right to be the representative of the family and to be obeyed by family member.

I maybe not specific enough, but I just want to write this as this is what I believe for family. I just want to have a reminder for myself, because I don’t want to follow everybody thinking. I was starting to think about my own family when some friends talking about a family with every member follow the mum’s instruction. I don’t want to judge this family, but I don’t want my family to be like this. I want my husband as my leader and my family leader. I like to have an argument with my husband sometimes, because I want to know his opinion. In the future, I don’t want my children to obey me just like that. I want them to have their own opinion, or ask me many things and have good communication. Well, this is what I want to be in the future, to have my own family with critical thinking, so we never stopped learning 🙂